Vermouth La Magallonera
La Magallonera

Vermouth La Magallonera

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WINERY: La Magallonera
AREA: Magallon - Aragon
GRAPE BLEND: Base wine is Garnacha
ANNUAL PRODUCTION: approx 7.000 per year
SERVING TEMPERATURE: at room temperature or with some ice cubes. Garnish with a couple of olives.

This is a 100% artisan Vermouth that offers a good balance between bitterness and sweetness. The maceration is done using herbs like oregano, cinnamon, St. John's wort, wormwood, fennel, orange peel and a few others. It mainly uses a base wine (Garnacha) that has been aged in wooden casks. Then maceration blending is done to achieve a balance between the characteristic bitterness of vermouth and the subtle and pleasant sweetness. Fennel is one of the most important components as it helps with digestion. Wormwood is what provides the bitterness. The other components help with the complexity of this fine vermouth. This vermouth pairs fantastic with a sweet tapa such semi aged Spanish cheeses with quince paste and with spicy Gordal olives.

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