Valliser Organic Quince Paste "Dulce de Membrillo" 1.45 Kg

Valliser Organic Quince Paste "Dulce de Membrillo" 1.45 Kg

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PRODUCER: Valliser
AREA: Catalunya

Quince Paste or “dulce de membrillo” in Spanish comes from the name given to the quince tree branches. When the branches are new, they are tender, flexible, and highly resilient, just like “mimbre” (wicker). Since the Middle Ages, quince has been highly valued. Even Nostradamus left several written recipes for quince compote. Today, artisan creators such as Valliser have kept the traditions and craftsmanship of the past and provide the consumer with a product identical to the one dating centuries back. Nowadays great chefs have incorporated this unique fruit into their recipes, giving it the place it deserves in the culinary world. This delicious paste is normally served in Spain and several Latin American countries with cheese or other ingredients as a tapa, appetizer or dessert.

This quince paste comes in different types and sizes for your convenience. Choose your favorite.

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