Sierra Lindon Ham of Teruel  P.D.O. 100 gr
Sierra Lindon

Sierra Lindon Ham of Teruel P.D.O. 100 gr

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PRODUCER: La Estrella del Jamon
REGION: Teruel
CONTENT: 100 gr.

The Teruel P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) ham is produced with premium pork meat coming from Duroc pigs that are selected and raised following the PDO certification guidelines for hams coming from Teruel, Spain. The hams are produced at the producers facilities in Monreal del Campo, which sits at 952 meters above sea level. The hams are cured in natural drying conditions before undergoing a slow, extensive aging process. After 20 to 24 months, these amazing hams are ready for sale.

This ham is slightly salted and full of natural flavors following its natural aging process. It is a beautiful subtle ham that will pair easily with red wines and full body cavas.

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