Real Conservera Española Navajas (Razor Shells)
Real Conservera Española

Real Conservera Española Navajas (Razor Shells)

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Producer: Real Conservera Española
Area: Galicia
Content: 6/8 pieces - net weight: 85g - drained: 60g. 

Razor clams from La Real Conservera are found in seafood markets located in Arousa and Vigo, Spain. First, they are placed in a basin with sea water for 10 hours, where the sand is pumped out of their shells. The shells are then removed and their meat is cooked and sorted by size. These razor clams come in a natural broth made according to a traditional recipe that is more than 50-years old. This broth has only natural ingredients such as water, onion, lemon, salt and bay leaves. They have no additives or preserving agents. The razor clams are delicious on their own and can also be enjoyed with any kind of seafood dish. A secret is to garnish a fresh fish ceviche.

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