PLA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml

PLA Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml

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PRODUCER: Proyecto Los Aires
REGION: Toledo
OLIVE VARIETY: 100% Cornicabra

This delicious extra virgin olive oil exists since 2015/16. It is made of organic Cornicabra olives, which is the local variety of Toledo. The olives have been milled in less than 12 hours after the harvest and below 20°C (cold-pressing). Due to its early harvest of selected olives during the last week of October, this oils offers green fruity aromas, which will remind you of fresh grass and tomato plant. It has a bitter and spicy aftertaste perfectly balanced with sweet almond, tomato and fig leaves.

You can enjoy this fine olive oil as a salad dressing, with fresh bread or with baked fish.

For your convenience, this olive oil comes in 3 other different sizes. Check them out!

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