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Flavours & Colours Organic Spicy Chorizo Sarta 1 piece 280 gr

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This chorizo is made in La Rioja with organic pork and using a traditional Spanish recipe. It is spicy and it is perfect to enjoy it with some olives. It will go perfect with a nice, young fruity red or white wine, or with a cold beer.

Remember to always serve chorizo and any other Spanish cold cuts at room temperature.

Did you know that in Spain you have different size categories for Spanish cold cuts like chorizo and salchichón (salami). So next time you get one, see which one you are getting. Here are they:

Sarta - 34-40 mm round. This ones will be the ones that come in one piece in U or horseshoe form. In many cases, it is tight together on its ends by a rope.

Cular - 40 mm or more. This the most traditional form of Spanish cold cuts. It is also the biggest format and each piece can weigh between 800 and 1.200 grams. It is cylindrical and straight, and also aged the longest.

Vela - 30-40 round. This comes in the form of vela (candle in Spanish). It is similar to the cular and it is around 40 cm long. Due to its narrower shape, it needs less aging time. This is the one that in many cases is found already sliced.

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