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Flavours & Colours of Biodiversity

Flavours & Colours of Biodiversity Organic Serrano Ham sliced 75gr

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Producer: Flavour & Colours of Biodiversity
Region: La Rioja
Curing: at least 20 months.

Flavours & Colours of Biodiversity is a consortium born from the merger of several organic farmers which together are able to offer a wide range of quality products from our own vineyards and olive groves as well as home-bred animals, a combination of experience, expertise and tradition.

Their hams are cut and massaged one by one, cold salted and then dried in their warehouse. The ham looks amazing and it has certainly to do with the fact that all their animals are kept on a free-range basis. When sliced, you can notice well-distributed fat and the meat has a bright color of intense toasted tones coming from their curing process. It is very aromatic, with excellent salt content and a juicy, very consistent texture. It has an intense taste with herbal notes and sweet flavors with hints of honey. Very pleasant and persistent aftertaste.

This ham will make delicious sandwiches and will go fantastic with cantaloupe.

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