Maria Jorquiera - The Founder

Hello everyone!

Maria here and this is a little bit about me. I am a Peruvian national living in the Netherlands since 2000. I have had the privilege of traveling through the USA and different countries in Europe. Through all the places lived and life changes, one thing remained constant and that was my love of enjoying good food and wines with friends and family. You can say I am a passionate foodie so intensely inspired that I am a self-made chef, a food & wine professional, and now the proud owner of I worked for many years in different multinationals and have a rich experience in people development. My motto in life is sharing and through sharing, grow, give back and help others achieve their dreams. My purpose with is to share my experience with you, through food and wines, just like good friends do. And while we enjoy the richness of what is shared, we also support our producers, celebrating along with them their own growth and the uniqueness of their products. This is, a place “made with passion, shared with joy”.

Welcome to! Bienvenido a! Welkom bij!